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Humanitarian Aid and the War Economy in Syria

PRIO Hausmanns gate 3 , Oslo

While humanitarian aid is key in Syria, questions need to be asked about how the procurement of goods and services by humanitarian and development actors, using international funding, can contribute to a war-crime-economy. The Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP) has conducted extensive research into businesses that supply aid groups, including the UN, and how some…


Beirut – Underdown. Filmvisning og samtale

Melahuset Mariboes gate 8, Oslo

Det er hardt å være araber og SPACE ønsker velkommen til Underdown filmvisning om livet i Beiruts gater og en samtale med Rana Issa, Antoine Fadel og Khaled Zaza om det som skjer i Beirut nå.

Syrian Doc Days: Mellom to verdener

Vega Scene Hausmanns gate 30, Oslo

Velkommen til den tredje utgaven av Syrian Doc Days i Oslo! I år skal vi se nærmere på hvordan flyktninger i Norge opplever å leve mellom to verdener, konsekvensene som følger, og hvordan det norske systemet kan håndtere dette. Programmet for kvelden 18.00 – 18.40: Visning av to kortfilmer Syrialism, av Dalia Alkury (Norge, 2020,…

Malplassert: Musikere i eksil خارج المكان: موسيقيين في المنفى

Melahuset Mariboes gate 8, Oslo

English عربي Norsk English Limited spaces, free entrance but booking a ticket is required SPACE and Det er hærdt å være araber welcome you to this musical evening at Melahuset. There will be music, poetry, conversation and open-mic at the end. When musicians are forced to leave their homes, how can they adapt to a…

Right to the City in Arab Contexts الحق في المدينة في البلدان العربية


Masahat and Public Works Studio invite you to this online panel featuring the following Arab architects and urban researchers who will discuss the Right to the City in different Arab contexts taking case studies from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt and Sudan.Majid Doglas, Building Engineer (Occupied Ramallah): Reviving tangible cultural heritage in Palestinian cities and villages.Tasneem…

Arab Spring 10 Years Later: Looking Back from Norway


Ten years after the Arab uprisings in 2011, we are faced with critical questions on how to remember and reflect on these events. Calls for social justice, equality and freedom were faced with even more oppression that forced millions to leave their homes in search for a safe and dignified life. In 2021, we also look…

Collecting the Archives of Past and Present Revolutions: The project DREAM


Masahat and CIMS (Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Oslo) invite you to this seminar with Leyla Dakhli, starting with a short presentation by Dakhli followed by discussion and Q&A from the floor. The project DREAM is investigating revolutions and revolutionary dreams in the context of the Arab Mediterranean area after independence (1950’s until today).…

In memory of Sarah Hijazi: Solidarity against Homophobia في ذكرى ساره حجازي: معاً ضد رهاب المثلية

Pride House Øvre Vågsallmenningen, Bergen

Welcome to this panel commemorating the memory of the Egyptian LGBTQ+ activist, Sarah Hegazi, who took her life in exile last June. This conversation will shed light on the violence that members of the LGBTQ+ community experience particularly in the Middle East, the mental health consequences of Homophobia and hate speech as well as the…

Intersectionality: Being a double & triple minority in society

Pride House Øvre Vågsallmenningen, Bergen

This panel will discuss overlapping identities and the importance of intersectional awareness. The conversation will discuss the situation of sexual and gender minorities in Norway who represent more than one minority group, and how the Norwegian system responds to LGBTQ+ asylum seekers. Guest speakers: Maruwa Ibrahim, Advisor at Skeiv Verden (Queer World) working mostly on…

Insiders Narrative – From Gaza

Hålogaland Teater Teaterplassen 1, Tromsø

This film screening and panel discussion titled “Insiders Narrative” will shed light on how Gazan youth have experienced and continue to experience war and military aggression. After the 11 day aggression Gaza’s youth have less prospects and envision a bleaker future. The film “Ambulance” will be screened and followed by a panel discussion. Ambulance is…