SPACE and Kunstplass [10] organized a cosy art night on May 20. Shereen El Fekiauthor of Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World, started the night by introducing and reflecting on the case of the Egyptian author Ahmad Naji who was sentenced to two-year prison for “violating public modesty” in Egypt. Then Teresa Pepe, from the University of Oslo, read extracts from the “guilty” chapter in The Guide for Using Life by Ahmad Naji.

After that, Sulafa Hijazi, Syrian visual artist, presented her work and the concept behind it. Hijazi impressed the audience with her work on topics like post-Orientalism,  patriarchy and revolution in Syria.


Then we watched three short films by Khaled Abdulwahed, Akram Al Halabi and Amjad Wardeh. We ended the night by watching Blue-Grey followed by a discussion with the director Mohamad Al Roumi. You can watch the films below.

Tuj طج by Khaled Abdulwahed

Cheek خــــد by Akram Al Halabi

War on famous canvas by Amjad Wardeh

Blue-Grey by Mohamad Al Roumi