The Assad regime, and its ally Russia, have unleashed a ruthless war against the people of Aleppo, killing the most senior children doctor in Aleppo, five rescue workers (aka White Helmets) and more than 280 civilians since April 22, 2016. Many demonstrations broke out worldwide in solidarity with Aleppo, demanding immediate protection  of civilians.

What started as a spontaneous, collective campaign to change Facebook profile pictures to red, mushroomed across social media networks, sparked worldwide acts of solidarity and made it to the headlines.  SPACE mapped out more than 90 demonstrations worldwide, find one nearby you and join the free voices around the world.

“Syrians are waiting for the international community to do something, but we have had enough of the inaction. We launched this movement to show the world that someone is watching, to reject the international community’s indifference.

And we call on you to join us, wherever you are. Because the world has been deaf for five years. And we need as many voices as possible for it to start listening.” —Sarah Dadouch, Aleppo Is Burning

Click on on the green markers to see the upcoming demonstrations.

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“If an end to Russian and regime aggression is not realized immediately, the conflict will burn on. As a result, the only winners in such a scenario are the Assad regime and extremist groups like ISIS and Jabhat al Nusra, as the real bodies that can create the “inclusive, peaceful, and pluralistic Syria” that our programs have worked so hard to support will have been brutally decimated. ”—An Open Letter From Syrians Working with U.S. and European Funded Organizations