The Syrian society has witnessed an unprecedented explosion in cultural and artistic expression since the beginning of the revolution in 2011. The burgeoning of Syrian cultural and artistic practices as ways to resist dictatorship has been a marked aspect of the Syrian uprising. Syrian cultural production has been almost totally consumed with trying to respond to, debate and participate in the continuing struggle in Syria. We bring some of this creative resistance to the Norwegian public through the Syrian Cultural Caravan.


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A cultural caravan called “Freedom for the Syrian People” set off from Paris on July 12th 2014 for a tour that passed through France, Italy, Germany and came to an end in Brussels, Belgium on September 28th. Artists of all disciplines (visual artists, actors, musicians, filmmakers, writers etc.) participated in this tour producing at each stage exhibitions, musical performances, street theatre performances, debates, film screenings and poetry readings.

The warm welcome that they received and the positive exchanges that the caravan brought has led the participants, those who supported them and those who contributed to its success to create a cultural and artistic movement entitled the “Syrian Cultural Caravan”. Its goal: to promote Syrian culture and contemporary art and to create a platform for exchange with all cultural and artistic organisations and associations in Europe and the World.

Art exhibition, music and cinema
On 20 – 22 May, you can meet the Syrian Cultural Caravan in Oslo!

Participating artists: Akram Al Halabi, Ali Kaaf, Ammar Al Beik, Ammar Abed Rabbo, Dino Ahmad Ali, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Iman Hazasbani, Jaber Al Azmeh, Mohamad Al Roumi, Muzaffar Salman, Sulafa Hijazi, Tammam Azzam, Walaa Dakak, Yaser Safi, Walid El Masri

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