Dina Al Makhrami aka YourGirlDina is a Yemeni woman infused by Arabic funk and soul from the 1960-80s with future funk, chill groovy house and Latin house from the mid 1990s. Dina is a photographer, graphic designer and co-founder of Floke. Together with other WANA (West Asia and North Africa) women in Oslo, she represents the unique hybrid sound of homeland.

This is how the project $Sabaya $Sound introduces themselves: “We value POC DJs who challenge the status quo by specifically curating sets from W.A.N.A in a climate where white and Israeli DJs in Oslo and Europe are claiming this space, we are happy to share our culture with fellow DJs, but we are more than glad when provided to claim the space behind the decks ourselves, love n respect always Dana, Dina and the rest of us”. Sabaya صبايا (pronounced with the letter ṣād, not (sīn)) (a leventine term deceiving young, hip, cool, fun lovin girl gang, you can be 109 years old and still join $Sabaya crew!)