Andrea Joslyn Nightingale is a Geographer by training and presently a faculty member of the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo.

Andrea’s academic interests span political ecology, socionatures, critical development studies, feminist theory, and methodological work on mixing methods across the social and natural sciences. She feels passionately about theorizing new understandings of the society-environment nexus to account for power and politics within dynamic and unpredictable environmental change. She uses in-depth, fieldwork-based studies combined with interdisciplinary theorizing to work with ontological and methodological pluralism.

She focuses these passions around three main themes:

(1) Climate change adaptation and transformation in the context of development

(2) Public authority, state formation and collective action

(3) Emotion and subjectivity within environmental governance and commoning

She has worked in Nepal for over thirty years on questions of natural resource management, gender, caste and related environmental justice issues, and state transformation. She has also worked in Scotland on in-shore fisheries management. Her most recent work is focused on climate change adaptation and political change and has expanded to include comparative work in Kenya and Nicaragua.