Troubled Waters: Images from the Arab World

Outdoors Kristparken, Jakob Kirke, Kubaparkenn, Sørenga & indoors at Khartoum Contemporary Art Center

Opening of the exhibition Opening of the exhibition Please join us for the soft opening of the exhibition on 20 Sept 2022, the opening day of Masahat festival. 18.00: Opening…

Artist talk & soup

Khartoum Contemporary Art Center Bernt Ankers gate 17, Oslo

Welcome to this artist talk with photographer Seif Kousmate and Nadia Bseiso. We will have soup just before we delve into a cosy and inspiring conversation with two out of the four photographers behind Masahat outdoors exhibition Troubled Waters: Images from the Arab world. The artist talk is moderated by Fotogalleriet’s Artistic Director, Dr. Antonio…