Rana Issa pic
Rana Issa. Photo: private

Masahat is thrilled to announce the appointment of Rana Issa as Artistic Director. As a co-founding board member of Masahat, Issa has been instrumental in building Masahat as an organization and forging its identity and work areas since day one. It is therefore a pleasure for Masahat to officially welcome Issa in this new role to take the lead on shaping and advancing the artistic vision of Masahat.

A writer, translator and cultural producer focusing on literary and contemporary artistic practices entangled with Arabic cultural history, Issa will bring her extensive experience working at the intersection between public humanities, activist engagements, and academic curiosity as well as her vast network of collaborations with international artists from the Arab region in the fields of film, performance arts, visual arts and sculpture.

Issa will assume her new role in March 2023, and will be working closely with Managing Director, Zeina Bali to further Masahat work on curating and presenting knowledge, history, arts and culture from the Arab world.