SPACE is delighted to invite you to its first reading circle in Oslo!



The concept is simple: we come together for an hour and a half to have an open discussion on a specific topic. We suggest a couple of articles to read beforehand which can serve as input to the discussion. We will have a moderator for the session who will introduce the topic, summarize the readings and lead the conversation.



The notion of solidarity has been at the center of liberation struggles against oppression, tyranny and colonial powers and structures. Having taken different forms across times and geographies, the term “solidarity” has come to encompass a spectrum of contradictory practices and dispositions; from localized struggles to internationalist and socialist movements and networks. However, on one end of the spectrum, we find a “solidarity” that has been confiscated by ideologies and is reproducing the very same unequal power structures, discrimination and injustices that it claims to resist.

Drawing on the Palestinian and Syrian experiences, this reading circle aims to discuss some of the following questions: How does solidarity manifest itself in these two interconnected contexts? In an increasingly connected world, what shared values and practices underpin our collective struggles today? What concrete actions can we take to revive the space for a genuine, internationalist solidarity thinking and practice against the tendency of selective and competitive solidarity?

This open discussion, bringing a Syrian Palestinian critique of solidarity, aspires to lay the foundations for mutual relationships, free from power and manipulation; based on respect, equality, parity, and internationalism



All you need to do is read the articles and come join the discussion in Litteraturhuset (room: Kjelleren) on Friday. If you don’t have time to read, then just drop in! We will summarize the readings in the beginning. Wendy Pearlman will share her reflections on the solidarity movements drawing on her extensive work and experience with Syria and Palestine. Nadim Khoury will also share reflections from his work and upbringing in Jerusalem. Other Syrian and Palestinian activists who live in Norway will be present and share their experiences.

Ingeborg Moa (Norwegian People’s Aid) will moderate the discussion.




This reading circle is part of The Question of Syria – Doomed by Hope.