Climate Justice in the Arab World

Litteraturhuset Wergelandsveien 29, Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Welcome to this afternoon of panel talks at Litteraturhuset as part of Masahat festival for Arab Arts and Culture during 20-25 September. The panel talks will discuss the fight for climate justice in the Arab world and its intersection with anti-colonialism and anti-autocracy struggles. The opening remarks will be given by Andrea Nightingale followed by…


The Challenge of Just Environmental Transitions in the Middle East and North Africa

PRIO Hausmanns gate 3 , Oslo, Norway

How do the environmental and climate crises intersect with social inequality in the Middle East and North Africa? How do we root environmental and climate debates within the region in social justice and equity concerns? The concept of Just Transition has become a keystone of the post-Paris Climate Agreement policy world, while many activists and frontline…

DER دار: slipp + samtale

Melahuset Mariboes gate 8, Oslo, Norway

I august kom tidsskriftet DER دار med en ny utgivelse, hvor temaet er Klima mellom Norge og den arabiske verden. Velkommen til slippet:- Osama Shaheen, redaktør i DER skal introdusere den nye utgaven. - Miljøaktivist, Mustafa Alhajjaj, skal fortelle om hans jobb i frivillig initiativer for å redde havet. Også skal vi ha lesesirkel til en artikkel…