We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Ingeborg Moa as the new Chair of the Board of Masahat. Ingeborg has been a close supporter of Masahat since the early days of its conception as an idea in 2014, and has served on the Advisory Board of Masahat since 2020. 

A seasoned leader, an avid advocate for social justice and a culture and arts enthusiast, Ingeborg will bring invaluable insights and expertise with her to guide Masahat’s strategic growth and impact in its next chapter opening spaces for Arab culture in Norway, and centering underrepresented artistic and cultural expressions from the Arab world and its diaspora. 

I have a love for small organisations that make large contributions to their community. Masahat is such an organisation. Oslo needs it. Norway needs it. We all need it. Its team of staff, volunteers and supporters creates spaces, or ‘masahat’, where you are made to feel that you belong and matter. This is particularly important if you are a citizen or inhabitant of Oslo and Norway, with your roots, or parts of your heart, in the Middle East. When you walk into a Masahat-event, whether it is the annual Masahat-festival, the Citizen Academy, an exhibition or a debate, you feel welcomed and included. – says Ingeborg Moa

Ingeborg Moa is the Executive Director of the Norwegian Human Rights Fund. She has previously worked with Norwegian People’s Aid, the UN and Amnesty International Norway. Ingeborg has nearly two decades of international experience working with local organizations and human rights defenders around the world. She is also on the Board of SafeMuse. 

With the horrors taking place in Gaza, we need spaces for reflection, spaces for strategizing and not least, spaces that give us a sense of a caring community. Masahat gives us all of this and more. I am proud to be taking on the role as chair of the board and look forward to contributing to the community that is Masahat.